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Proviso Training College was formed in 2012 to provide an integrated approach to Occupational Health and Safety training and consulting solutions. Since that time, Proviso has grown into a company with a solid foundation and a proven track record. Proviso provides a comprehensive solution to all Occupational Health and Safety challenges. This ensures compliance with the most recent and relevant Health and Safety Act, and new construction regulations (2014/2015). Our programs are cost-effective and tailored to suit needs.

Proviso specializes in the personal touch. This makes sure each student can not only know the theory for compliance purposes but knows how to perform his/her duties practically in the workplace.

Proviso is one of the leading, accredited providers of training services that enables companies to comply with Occupational Health and Safety regulations. Through Proviso’s accreditation process, the facilitators are highly skilled in the respective technical fields, as well as educational methods and best practice. Employees will become more valuable assets to the company, as a result leading to increased profits.

In addition, we offer valuable courses such as First Aid, Basic fire Fighting, Health and Safety Representative, and much more. At this Point, we have also been accredited With HWSETA for a skills program to illustrate Safety Officer on an NQF level bearing 40 credits. Making sure that students apply work practically and properly in defiantly in our end game.

We also provide various consulting services that make auditing processes pain-free. Allow us to assist anyone in obtaining favorable audit reports. We will send a Safety officer to different sites to do compliance audits and maintain safety files, making sure that the site is kept safe and compliant.

As a Result, Proviso has an average pass rate of audits of 92% onsite that we strive to maintain throughout all sites.