Hazards Identification Risk Assessments and Control (HIRAC)

Every Safety Management System (SMS) must ensure maximum safety levels. To do this, it is crucial to identify hazards and to evaluate and control risks. Proviso assists with the following:

  • Contextualizing risk assessment and its significance in effective Safety Management.
  • Identifying hazards and threats.
  • Analyzing and calculating risk using risk matrices.
  • Developing robust control and mitigation strategies to increase safety levels.
  • Delivering a realistic picture of organisational risk, ensuring effective management decisions.

SHEQ Plan Development and Files

At Proviso, we assist with the development of the SHEQ Plan and SHE Files and updates, including Contractor specifications.

Audits and Surveys

Proviso upholds auditing principles and all audits are intended to be effective and reliable tools in supporting our clients’ management policies and controls, providing information an organization can use to improve its performance.  The objective of an audit is continual improvement and Proviso values this. We will assist you with the following:

  • Legal compliance audits.
  • Management System audits.
  • Customer Satisfaction audits.
  • Operational audits.
  • Investigative audits.
  • Supplier audits.

Human resource and organizational development consulting:

  • Designing accredited training programs for Occupational Health SETA and HPCSA for CPD purposes
  • Talent management and succession planning
  • HR interventions for clients including selection and recruitment drives
  • Leadership and development programs
  • Psychometric assessment for selection and development interventions
  • Developing policies and Quality management
  • Job profiling and performance management plans